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When the future is hard  to envisage, we are ready to help 

Corporation 2040: The countdown has begun - but do you really know what your destination is? 
The Corporation 2040 transformation journey: We have done the research, we have developed the best methodologies and tested them in practice. We have published them in our books. Now we are here to help you apply them in the delivery of transformational strategic change 
"We don't just consult, we set out with an objective of confirming, resolving, empowering, and embedding new skills, new knowledge into the fabric of an organisations DNA"

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach


We won't overpromise nor will we underdeliver. Our word is our bond.


We manage expectations to ensure we deliver what our clients expect us to deliver.


Our services are embedded in deep and extensive and continued research. 


Our clients attention is  always treated as a priority over our own interests.


We live our passion for the services we deliver and quality of client solutions we develop.

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Core philosophies

  • Third Wave Strategy

  • Strategic Change

Creative Working

Third Wave Strategy: Redefining the purpose of strategy

In a world of rapid, disruptive change the primary purpose of strategy now is to find the means to face uncertainty, adversity, complexity and disruption - head on.

Fundamental to this purpose is its capacity to enable the continual reinvention, transformation and regeneration of an organisation thereby contributing to its chances of surviving and better still, thrival well into the future. In addition to short term direction setting and the seeking of a competitive advantage we deploy Third Wave Strategy with the objective of:

  • establishing the transformation road map to the difficult to perceive short and long term future of the corporation,

  • providing the means to consistently monitor that transformation – from both a strategy content perspective and organisational change perspective,

  • flagging possible areas of derailment, risk and highlight areas of potential opportunity,

  • ensuring the future road map is openly shared, continually monitored, reviewed and renewed,

  • ensuring the corporation maintains a competitive edge during transformation and has a capacity to make the competition irrelevant as an outcome form the transformation

Sponsive Strategic Change:

Our methodologies and programs are grounded in the notion of sponsive strategic change where sponse is defined as: 

"A knowledge driven change in direction that is provoked or evoked as a result of a change or new opportunity that becomes apparent within a systems internal and/or external environment"

Boundaries for sponse are:

Response: a preparedness to adapt to foreseen and unforeseen change initiated as a result of factors beyond the firm’s control, and

Prosponse: an ability to invent acts of deliberate change created as a result of decisions taken within the firm’s control.

Sponsive strategic change is a key element of Third Wave Strategy, a concept described as follows.

A Sponse matrix is illustrated as follows

Sponse Matrix.emf.jpg
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Our purpose: "Energise and identify the means to optimise 'what is' (core) while setting in place the foundation for what 'could be' "
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