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Consulting Services 

Our suite of consulting services is designed to guide, advise and nudge corporate leaders engaged in the activity of strategic change and associated programs of organisational transformation and renewal. Rather than doing an analysis and issuing a report it is our preference to then outline a program of change which is then delivered via: 

  • Envisioning: Facilitating a reframing of strategic thinking we encourage and energise the creation of new ideas, new ways of doing things, new cultures and new formats of organisational structuring

  • Strategising: Short vs long term direction setting through future focused reframing, scenario analysis, story, objective setting, journey mapping and backcasting

  • Doing: Program/project guidance through change enablement, communication programs. action oriented town halls, seminars, focus groups, communities of practice both both company and industry wide

  • Embedding: Becoming a Learning organisation. 

    • Internal: Tailored/bespoke education, organisation wide knowledge management  systems, open strategy practices

    • External: Establishment and engagement with formal Corporate Collaborative Systems and Communities of Strategy Practice 

Services and Tools

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