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High Performance Strategy and Leadership Strategy Accreditation Program

The rules of business have changed. Advances in social attitudes and behaviours along with developments in technology have created a demand for a platform based, systemic approach to customer solutions that encompass all aspects of corporate strategy: an integration of markets, differentiation in market activities, continued evolution of transformational capabilities and an agile, dynamic resource base.  An introduction to the courses leading to accreditation appear in the above video.

The program referred to in the above video is made up of two courses:

  • Strategy concepts: "Corporate Strategy Master Class", and

  • Strategy practice: "Strategically Focused Corporate Transformations"

Both courses will be delivered in an online format as well as face to face - and blended should that be requested. The program was designed by the Strategic Management Institute provide solutions to the demands of the new business environment. Incorporating an Action Learning format, PHSANDL conducts external and internal courses in strategy. Based on the books Corporate Strategy (Remastered) I and II, the terminology for our methodological response to better strategy practice is that of Third Wave Strategy. Our 'action learning' approach to teaching strategy calls for the first course (tutorial) to explain the foundations of Third Wave Strategy. The second, a series of hands on workshops consists of structured, open discussions and case study analysis designed especially for the course. In particular the application of Third Wave Strategy practices is explored within the context of the fictitious Security Printing and Packaging Division (SPPD) of a company called Third Wave Industries (T-wI). Supplementing this is references and participant driven experience exercises focused on a real life company; Cadbury chocolates. The education program  is available on line or delivered in face to face format depending on client needs. This can be conducted over a period of days, weeks, or months. A certificate of accreditation (Accredited Strategy Practitioner (ASP) is awarded to participants at the conclusion of the two courses.


"This course brought much more structure to what I do – it helped me clarify strategy as a profession. I can now confidently run a strategy review or development process and I find people are learning a lot about strategy from what I am doing. Overall it has put me in an excellent position to approach my new role of Chief Strategy Officer. I can take a lead role in strategy development, even without a background in this industry"
“Having my organisation start the journey towards a more relevant and flexible approach to strategy – particularly in developing a shared understanding of our business, more relevant analysis (beyond SWOT / gap analysis), monitoring the right things (including assumptions and strategic risks)”

Of interest to senior executives and members of Corporate Strategy Teams course packages start at the AUD$30,000 excluding GST. This includes both courses included in the on-line suite. Face to face programs a tailored programs including consulting services and links to the CSOsandbox can be negotiated at any time. We look forward to hearing from you.

You are invited to express your interest in participating in an external 'open' course or to explore the application of coursework to your organisation by completing the 'Email Us' box below. We will be in touch to discuss your needs and to arrange the timing of our next external program. ​
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