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Strengthening the platform for corporate strategy 
and transformations 

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Enhancing strategic change 

Our people, our knowledge , a systems approach and our specialist analytical tools: Envisioning, Narrating, Resolving,  Collaborating, Simulating

Envisioning: Contextualising the Corporation of the Future

Our starting point is to understand the current state of play. The SMI's unique Strategy Effectiveness Assessment Program (SEAP) provides the foundation and design of our Consulting, Action  Learning, Collaboration (CALC) methodology. Driven by the web based, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)sandbox platform clients become fully engaged and mentally enthralled through the learning provided by the Third Wave Strategy system. This is also the framework upon which our clients programs of organisational transformation, renewal and regeneration are based.

Narrating: Generic and bespoke Action Learning  programs; as a learning organisation

Tools relating to education and strategy articulation are applied to build or enhance client capabilities in the field of strategy practice. The Chief Strategy Officer  (CSO) CSOsandbox provides the platform for to do both. 

Explore the opportunity to accelerate the development of high performance leaders in a safe, inter/multi CSOsandbox

A program of transformational change. Commences with an appreciation of what 'could be', an exploration of how the vision will play out followed by a backcasting journey delivering the desired outcomes.


Amidst the intense pressure to 'adapt' to the march of digitalisation, our objective is to work with clints to define a future for them, based on a much deeper purpose than technology alone. That potential is built on customer pull, knowledge push, enhancements to 'what is', the envisioning of what 'could be'.

We build the bridge between the future and today through collaborations that are:

  • enabled by a flexible organisational transformation program, 

  • grounded in a comprehensive strategy, and

  • enabled via a robust organisational learning capability

Platform for Corporate Strategy

The CSOsandbox provides a platform upon which the concept of Third Wave Strategy (video of each below) can be demonstrated and applied to practice. Supported by the concepts presented in the books Corporate Strategy (Remastered) I and II. This web site literally brings strategy concepts to life.

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Testimony: “The greatest business benefit from the Senior Leader Master Course has been my ability to inspire the rest of the team to think more strategically and to think ‘outside the square’ in terms of what the business can potentially become”

In house courses in strategy tailored to the needs of the transformation objectives and implementation program. As per our CALC methodology, it may be agreed that a the conduct of a Strategy Effectiveness Assessment Program would be a useful way to assess education and strategy system needs.  Our Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) sandbox based on the doctrine of Third Wave Strategy is designed to direct, inform and provide robust direction to transformational change while setting the foundation of organisational transformation. PHSANDL provides assistance with the implementation of the CSOsandbox. We also provide courses in Third Wave Strategy practice.

Testimony: “The SMI's Strategy Master Class has put me in an excellent position to approach my new role as Head of Strategy in an industry specific environment where I have little experience”

Video: Making the Role of the Chief Strategy Officer Your own
Making the Role of the Chief Strategy Officer Your Own

Making the Role of the Chief Strategy Officer Your Own

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 Video: Enter the Strategy Whisperers