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Nudging strategically 
focused transformational change

Clarifying intent, evaluating and refining strategy, nudging change, collaborating to win

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Why us? 

Our systemic methodology: Envisioning, Narrating, Resolving, Collaborations, Envisioning

Envisioning: Contextualising the journey to the Corporation of the Future

Strategy Effectiveness Assessment: A Consulting, Action  Learning, Collaboration (CALC) framework of organisational transformation, renewal and regeneration

Strategy Practitioner 
Collaborative: Knowledge Platform
Office Night Shift

Corporate Collaborative Systems


Enabling networked, digital technology, Web 3.0 block chain platforms, virtual, social networks and whole of system economies to  transform to the corporation of the future.

A Corporate Collaborative System is defined as: "a collaboration of transaction processing entities that deploy platform-based services capable of hosting many and large commercial networks"

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Consulting  Services

Building bridges

Amidst the intense pressure to 'adapt' to the march of digitalisation, our advice is to define a future based on a much deeper purpose than technology alone. That potential is built on customer pull, knowledge push, enhancements to 'what is', the envisioning of what 'could be'.

We build the bridge between the future and today through collaborations that are:

  • enabled by a flexible organisational transformation program, 

  • grounded in a comprehensive strategy, and

  • enabled via a robust organisational learning capability

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Executive Education

Reaching for the future

Testimony: “This course has put me in an excellent position to approach my new role as Head of Strategy in an industry specific environment where I have little experience”

Testimony: “The greatest business benefit has been my ability to inspire the rest of the team to think more strategically and to think ‘outside the square’ in terms of what the business can potentially become”

Bespoke, in house courses are designed around aspects of transformation and strategy objectives. As per our CALC methodology, it may be agreed that a review of strategy is desirable prior to embarking on program design and implementation pathways.

Open, on line courses in advanced (Third Wave) strategy are designed to accommodate transformational change. They will be scheduled in accordance with demand. To express your interest in attending an online course please let us know here and we will be in touch to discuss further.